Hang to Win!

Hang2Win - rotating pull up bar

Host Your Own Hang Challenge.

Perfect Weekend Side-Hustle

Here at Hang2Win.com we not only travel to events hosting Hang Challenges, we also sell our high quality, precision made-in-America, 11 gauge steel, rotating pull-up bar rigs.

In addition to the rig we offer a 3×5 high quality vinyl rules banner with the Hang Challenge rules printed on it.

Everyone is a customer, but very few are winners.

Hang2Win sells high-quality rotating pull-up bars in the US so you can host your own dead hang challenge.

turned $10 dollars into $100 winner of the $100 rotating pull-up bar hang challenge

Unique Event Activity.

The Hang2Win Hang Challenge is a non-polluting, no electricity needed, self-contained, small footprint unique activity. If you are interested in having us as a vendor at your event please get in touch with us!

hang challenge winner

What is the Hang2Win Challenge?

A rotating pull-up bar hang challenge where contestants dead hang from a bar that rotates for 100 seconds and win $100.

dead hang workout

It’s a really tough workout.

You can train to win the dead hang rotating pull-up bar challenge at home. Only the toughest can win.