The Hang Challenge - Hang From That Bar For 100 Seconds and Get $100

The Hang2Win Challenge

The Hang Challenge - Hang From That Bar For 100 Seconds and Get $100 What is the Hang Challenge or the bar hang challenge? How hard is it to hang for 100 seconds? How do you beat the 100 seconds hanging challenge? These are a few of the questions I get often. Let’s dive in! First what even is the Hang Challenge? It’s simple in concept, but difficult to accomplish. Here’s what I mean. First, you take a pull-up bar, you hang from that with either a double over-hand grip or a double under-hand grip for one hundred seconds. You can go to the local playground or gym and practice this. Now let the bar spin or rotate. (sometimes I have to tell folks that the bar is not electrified, or motorized: it just spins freely) It’s a spinning pull-up bar. This works gravity against your grip. So something reasonably achievable for anyone with above a moderate amount of grip strength becomes only possible by a tiny percentage of the general population. But you pay $10 to attempt and if you can do it I pay you $100. In a few sentences I’ve explained very in-depth what the Hang Challenge is! When I’m at an event, many people walk by and read the rules. Sometimes this confuses them. So I point to the bar and say “You hang from that bar for 100 seconds and I’ll pay you $100.” Then the wheels start turning! They ask some questions.  (BTW- we sell a high-quality vinyl banner along with the spinning pull-up bar rig if you are interested let me know. ) Hang Challenge Rules Banner I go on to say “You can hang like this (show a double over-hand grip) or you can hang like this (show a double under-hand grip), but you can’t hang like this (show a mixed grip).
Overhand grip vs Underhand grip
double overhand vs double underhand grip
It’s a fun challenge that usually isn’t like anything else at these events. It often draws a crowd. I’ve had people cheering on complete strangers. Crowds of dozens of people counting down with the timer is a fun time. A crowd at a Hang Challenge So how hard is it? I can’t do it. I work out 3 to 5 times a week. I can hang for about 50 seconds. It’s all about strength-to-weight ratios. I’m too weak for my weight! Or more accurately: my grip strength is too weak for my body weight. The stronger you are and the less you weigh the higher your chances of winning. That’s it. No gimmick, no scam. Just pure grip strength. Lastly, how do you beat it? I get asked often at events “Can I adjust my grip?” I tell folks two things:
  1. It’s technically against the rules, because while you are switching grips you’ll be in a mixed grip position.
  2. It’s to my advantage to allow you to switch grip.
You see people fall when their grip gives out. When does your grip give out or when is it at its weakest? When you have just one hand on the bar or when you are just getting your grip set. Most people fall when they go to switch grips. Actually, most people fall when they simply go to adjust their grip. I tell people all of this. I also tell them the best way to win the spinning bar challenge is to get up there. Get your grip set and DO NOT LET GO. It’s that simple. But like I said at the top – it’s something that is simple to explain but difficult to achieve. SIDE NOTE: If you bought a rotating pull-up bar rig from me (or are thinking about it) and you wonder why I tell folks that switching grips is against the rules OR why I end up allowing people to switch grips. You can do likewise or you can stick with what has been working for you. I find it best to be honestly “in their corner” so to speak. By telling people the best way to win and truly cheering for them and genuinely happy for them if they do win, you eliminate the “is this a scam?” aspect. I didn’t get into this business to rip people off and chances are you didn’t either. I got into this business to travel, have fun, and make some side money. In summary, The Hang Challenge is an activity where people pay $10 to have the opportunity to hang from a rotating pull-up bar for 100 seconds. If they are successful they get $100. It’s hard, but it is possible. It’s not a scam, but only a few people can do it. The best way to do it is to have great grip strength and simply not let go until the timer beeps. Hit me up with any questions you have about The Hang Challenge. If you are interested in owning your own Hang Challenge business or bringing me to your event please contact me.

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